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He finally gave birth to the triplets in his Mainverse and now his Army baby count stands at 4 in that verse! :3 (on Skype XD)

Frey Stjarna Silfrson - firstborn son, 1 year old
Njósnari Mani Silfrdottir - daughter, 0 years old
Svienna Loka Silfrdottir - daughter, 0 years old
Thomas Agent* Silfrson - youngest son, 0 years old

He is happy and doing well. Probably not going to have any more babies for the time being :P

*King and Game still think that Phil Coulson’s first name is Agent. So poor Thomas has to live with that XD

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Dracula Untold. (via loveisenoughx):

Men do not fear swords, they fear monsters.
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WE LOVE YOU TOO DANI! <3 If you need anything let me know.

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// I shall be following forever darling, and sending you good vibes! I hope things sort themselves out for you -hugs-

Thank you, darlings <3 you are too kind.

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littlestarmaiden: love the new icon hun XD

Thanks so much darling! :D


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The Council Of Kings ♚ King & Risk



Removing coverings that had - for all intents and purposes - only been added for the point of blending from suspicious mortal gazes, Risk tentatively followed suit. Toes spreading against the salted grains, mild surprise at the pleasant texture bringing greens down to observe what Gold had referred to as sand.


T’would be quite the place for meditation, yes. Though I suspect this…sand…would end up in places that might become uncomfortable.”

Despite the reservation in his words the King crouched beside his counterpart. Tentatively reaching out to tuck a loosened sable strand from the smaller’s face, “Do you venture here often then?”


The laughter that left in a childish trill from his throat erupted through his toothy grin in amusement.


          “It can get everywhere, indeed.”

Blinking as a large hand ventured near his face, the monarch sighed into his nod of affirmation, answering with words warmed by a gilded tongue.

          “Yes. As you say-

          it is a place for escaping

          the busy monotony

          of mortal life in this realm.

          A sanctuary, if you will.

          And yet Fortune will not

          allow me to return

          as often as I would like.”

A soft sigh left Loki’s lips and he looked down to the ubiquitous grains below before returning his attention with a smile that concealed some deep and hurtful memory of sands lost to him; a world he would never see again.

          ”Perhaps I shall make

          a permanent link

          between this place

          and my palace so

          you may come here

          whenever you wish?”

king-loki: It came only as a whisper on the wind. Words flowed like the gentle drip of melting winter snow. Nothing more. Nothing less. Gone as soon as it began. "I miss you..."



"Brother… where are you? I miss you…"



          “You have but to ask, my sweet sibling…”

With a soft hum the Trickster faded into existence beside his aggrieved brother, bright eyes shining out through the shadows of his transparency. 

          “Ask and you shall receive what your heart desires.”

Finally changed my theme. Feel free to explore :P I also have one of these now because I thought it would be a hell of a lot of fun XD

As always, I’m open to any and all suggestions.

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