Hail to the King
Agent of Chaos - Son of None - Ruler of Midgard - Temptation's reign

[ - D - ]

I am not in a good headspace right now. I am sorry, darlings. I will take a day or two to settle down and collect drafts and actually do them in the background. I am sorry I am not here enough lately to make you all happy, but I will try my best to be on more. I just need a little break in which to do things. Have fun in our absence <3

"I'm here, sire! Please, forgive me inattentiveness to you, my lord. I'm only slightly exaggerating when I say my hands have been worked to the marrow this past week. I'll be as glad as I always am to kneel for you, my king, though I can't promise I'll be awake enough to get back on my feet."


The monarch’s blazing eyes narrowed in a dangerous twitch of wrathful irritation.


          “Are these supposed to be

          valid excuses for your

          unforgivable lack of voice?

          Shall I let every sick and sorry

          creature that begs to neglect

          their duties to me go without


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[ Does someone want to make King an icon? I don’t have photoshop at the moment and I am always unsatisfied with the one he has :/ I would be eternally grateful! ]