Hail to the King
Agent of Chaos - Son of None - Ruler of Midgard - Temptation's reign

Still on hiatus, just so everyone knows. When uni is finished, in about 4 weeks, I might consider coming back on if anyone’s interested. Also those last two posts were supposed to be on queue but they posted so oh well. Love you all and see you soon




          “I always want you.“

He purred, the sound vibrating through the trembling air.


          ”But here…

          in this petty labyrinth

          of mortal fools

          is hardly the place, my dear…”

Sigyn pouted, kissing the side of his face gently before moving to whisper in his ear,


"Loki…I need you."


The smirk that brought an amused curve to his lips melted into his sultry, murmured reply.

          ”There is not a beat

          of your delicate heart

          that does not need me…”

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Greetings from Dani and the infamous Wendy <3

Hello, Ladies…


I’m not coming back off hiatus just yet, I’m sorry to say :P but I did want to just tell everyone that I’m going to be seriously pursuing Adam (from OLLA if you’ve been living under a rock on Tumblr, look him up) cosplay! :D

I know it’s just like meh whatever she’s dressing up in drag yet again, but for me? I find it exciting >u<

I’ve found someone to very kindly be Eve for me as well so BONUS POINTS TO DANI! ;D

But yes. I’m stitching up some scrubs and getting costume pieces together. No idea when I’ll be done, but the prospect is pretty fun eheheheh :P hope to be able to show you guys all some pictures in time - I want to get really good at cosplaying one day. One day…

Until then, have some pictures! And happy RPing to you all! <3