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The double vision seemed to trouble the good doctor, who took a few extra  moments to steady himself against the wall before gazing up at King. A sleepy smile was offered alongside raised brows, his expression contorted into one of both confusion and utter glee. Slowly, he processed, and slower still, he spoke.


"I - hmmm…. thank you. I thought it would be - there’s just so much work to do, and I was… so tired.” He leaned a bit more heavily upon his twin, before realizing that his own weight might’ve been troubling, and pulled away - only to hit his head against the wall. “…’m just causing you trouble, but th-thank you.”


          ”Whoa- take care, my friend!” He exclaimed with an expression of some little amusement strung like pearls over his lips as he reached out again to take his reflections arm.


Loki guided his counterpart back over to the bed and sat him down, half kneeling in front of the other between his legs.

          ”There is no trouble you could cause me that I would not be willing to take,” the god purred, a reassuring smile brightening his face, “Now    other than rest, is there anything you need?”

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Loki was never Odin’s son.

Loki was never even Laufey’s son.

He was, and always shall be, Frigga’s son.


There’s not many people that can sneak up on me

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║An Inevitable Reunion ♚ King & Sif║


Immense Relief.

             Undeserved Gratitude.

                                  Unexpected Kindness.

If you were to ask Sif what she thought the trial was going to be like, these three phrases would have never fallen from her lips. But alas, here they were just the same.   As she held King in a loving embrace, his arm wrapped around her shoulders, fingers in her hair, she sighed softly. She couldn’t remember the last time the two were close like this and she felt as if a burden had been lifted from her shoulders. 

When she finally backed up from the hug, she looked at him with a weak smile, her hand moving to brush away tears of her own. The tension was still a little thick for her taste, so she tried some idle conversation.

"I wasn’t lying when I said you look good pregnant. Your skin practically glows!” She giggled a little bit, the sound combined with a small sniffle and smile, and looked down at the hardly noticeable bump on his tummy. “How far along are you, if I may ask?”

The conversation didn’t feel forced or pressured. Actually, it fell from her lips as if the past few years had never happened, as if the two of them had remained close all this time. Oh, how she wished she could go back and re-write the past… to undo the damage she had done. But there was no use dwelling in the past, was there? All she could do was look ahead, try to focus on the future… On maybe finding a way for the three of them to become a family again, as they had been so long ago.

When her eyes met his again, the words she wanted to say were written in them as clearly as if there was inked parchment there instead. I truly love you, Loki, brother not of my blood.



He smiled at her lighthearted comment, beaming in a wet grin that stemmed the flow of any tears that threatened to fall. Lowering his eyes in concentration, properly pensive about her question as a pale hand gently smoothed over the leather at his abdomen, Loki responded after a pause.

          “‘Twould be close to two months now, I thinkyes…Frey shall soon have seen one full year…”

His sparkling emerald orbs caught her earnest gaze and easily divined their intent; a soft, soundless sigh left his lips at the sentiment and a small nod was the appreciation he gave in return.

          ”I would think you should see our darling Prince before this day is done. That is…unless whatever brought you here to Asgard is more important; I was about to leave this realm when you appeared…”

His words were not meant to convince her to return with him, merely an invitation as he would not remain in the shining palace for long when there was so young a son pining for him back on Earth.


The other’s statement seemed to perplex the doctor, who took a moment to blink in confusion before apparently settling upon a suitable answer. Staring down at the floor, he let loose another breathy chuckle, off hand running through his hair.


"Perhaps my per… p-per…. purr-sep-cions… are a little off tonight.” His smile was almost sheepish, a faint blush surfacing upon his cheeks as he continued to stumble forward - guided by King’s sure hold. “I, uh, I ‘spose I should ‘pologize for that.”


          ”There is nothing to apologize for, my dear   " His deep voice rumbled through the halls, sincere, though he doubted whether his counterpart could recognize that at this moment.

          “It is good that you have relaxed this eve; too often do I see this family strained by conflict and doubt. You deserve this rest,” the King smiled softly, eyes protective in their glare as they carefully trudged down the hall, eventually making it to the monarch’s quarters. Upon opening the door, he half lifted his twin over the threshold and walked him towards the bed.