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Shadow of the Storm

If I could say a thousand times

A thousand words or so

There will never be a way

For me nor you to know

Just how much we will have seen,

Once this life is through,

But no matter what befalls us now

I’ll do anything for you.

There was a time when fate it seemed

Would take us to the deep,

To the confusing innards of our minds,

And always make us weep,

But no more shall I allow such sorrow

Or such endless pain,

For I would spend my years with you

Dancing in the rain.

The thunder of the mighty storm

Swiftly clouds the day

And whispers out of shadow born

Will soon fade away.

Yet I have hope we can revive

What for so long we’ve lost

Even if it takes forever;

It will be worth the cost.

Because I cannot ever let you go,

Not even in my dreams;

A knife upon my aching heart

Picks slowly at the seams.

So take my hand and come with me,

Together horn and wing,

And always this remember well;

We share everything.

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